Brief History Of Word Of Grace

Word of Grace Ministries was birthed in the place of prayer, 1996. While praying in Ghana, God said, “Son, I will get the work started and keep the work going. Armed with those words, he returned to Nigeria after Easter and started the Ministry in his Living Room on Wednesday, 10th of April, 1996 with his wife, daughter and two of his children in faith (Five in Total). In the course of the service, God said, “Son, this Ministry shall know no lack”. By Sunday, the attendance rose to four Adults and Four Children. But a mysterious thing took place that day. During the service, birds flew into the hall in the course of the service started singing. It was a wonderful sight to behold and God spoke again to him, “Son, the Ministry will not lack songs to sing. Today, the Ministry has her permanent site with a building in progress of 1,000seaters along Lagos Asaba Road, Agbor. Delta State. Nigeria