Goodwill Samuel Iwesiri Adogho (born July 5th, 1967) is a Nigerian Preacher, the founder of the Word of Grace Ministries. Inc, and also the Lead/Senior Pastor. The church is also known as Trans-continental worship center (TCWC).

OCCUPATION: Pastor, Author, Televangelist

SPOUSE: Faith Adogho (October 17th, 1972)

CHILDREN: Barr. Mrs. Sharoon Goodwill Peters


EARLY LIFE: On July 5th 1967, Goodwill Samuel Iwesiri Adogho was born in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria. He is a native of Urhobo. He was raised up by his parents who were member of the jehovah witness movement in nigeria. After his kindergarten education he obtained his first school leaving certificate from association primary school in sapele, delta state.  He also obtained his wassce from zik grammer school still in sapele, delta state.




“Learn all you can and also can all you learn.”

Quote By Goodwill Adogho

It was his days at Zik grammer school, At age 16-17, he encountered Jesus at a crusade held by Bishop Henry Saliu, who is the lead pastor of Royal Faith Chapel Warri, Delta State on Easter Friday 1984, He gave his life to Christ, in that meeting. On resumption for the next term of school activities considering the transformation that he has experienced he was made the pastor of the Student Union Christian Movement. At the end of his secondary school form of education he went to Institute of Faith; a theological school put together by Bishop Henry Saliu, who then happens to be his spiritual father in the Lord. Out of his Zeal for the Lord he started a ministry which he called THE ALMIGHTY GOD INSPIRATION MINISTRY but glory be to God, He met with Apostle Moses Grandeur who is in Glory now, who was one of his spiritual guardians who advised him that he wasn’t yet time for him to be on his own but be under a ministry for tutelage. On acceptance of the above instruction from the Lord, he stayed under his tutelage for a season, he was then released by Apostle Moses Granduer for him to go back to his Spiritual Father for tutelage. He worked with Bishop Henry Saliu for about 8 years, and he called me and told me its time to stand on your own in the Lord.


Word of Grace Ministries kicked of in the year 1996 in his living room with 8 members in attendance and after the first Sunday Service the Landlady gave us a quick notice for departure because she doesn’t want a church in the vicinity. I just told her by faith we will not be here next Sunday not knowing where the next place of fellowship will be, during the week, by the direction of the Lord I met a friend who directed me to his friend who showed us a hall, the said hall is a general multipurpose hall for all kinds of function. So we made do with the hall at that time for a season.

After my missionary trip to Ghana I decided to visit one of the Spiritual  Father in the Land Lt. Bishop Godwill Iweribor, who is the founder of Word of Faith Ministries. I laid before him the need for a new place of fellowship and he drove me to 64 Old Lagos Asaba Road, Agbor, Delta State. We met the owner of the property and we negotiated and I paid the rent for a year and we started fellowship there. Due to our slow rate of church growth, the owner of the property called me and gave me an advised to look for a smaller venue for fellowship. Upon leaving his presence, I prayed to God and ask him to please buy us the property for fellowship. God actually bought the property for us and we started using the place as our own place for fellowship.


By divine connection, God connected me to Bishop Simeone Okah the founder of Flock of Christ Church Warri, Delta State and Papa Ayo Oritsejafor the founder of Word of life Bible Church popularly known as the International Gospel Centre. One day Bishop Simeone Okah told me that we have to lay a foundation for a new church building, I tried to push it forward but he insisted that we do it, by December 26, 2011 he came and laid the foundation for the new church auditorium and this is the building currently in use. The Church auditorium called Trans-Continental Worship Centre sits a thousand capacity.


The teachings of Goodwill Samuel Iwesiri Adogho have put him in the category of what is commonly called the Word of Faith Movement. He has referred to principal exponents of the faith movement such as the late Kenneth Hagin, E.W Kenyon, Bishop TD Jakes, Pastor Benny Hinn, as well as renowned Nigerian preachers such as Late Papa Benson Idahosa, Bishop Henry Saliu, Apostle Moses N. Grandeur, Bishop Simeone Okah, Papa Ayo Oritsejafor, Bishop David Oyedapo, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as mentors. He claims to have been mentored and guided on leadership by Pastor Mike Murdock, Pastor Myles Murone, Pastor John C Maxwell.

Word of Grace Ministries operates a foundation school training programme  for members and non-member alike to develop knowledge of Christian principles as well as to develop leaders. Its mandate includes: raising army of worshippers, raising leaders after God’s own order, putting smile on the face of mankind, making God’s people wealthy, making peoples dreams come true


He is the author of Faith at its best, Language of Zion and other mini books on leadership and relationship. Other books are undergoing production process.

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