Who you network with will determine what ends up in your net


Nothing works outside networking (connectivity)


Where there is networking, there is net catching


Your click will give birth to your catch


If you sit with them they will settle you whether positively
or negatively


Who you hang out with will determine what hang with you

If you hang around people that are going no were you are
going no were


Don’t let your association define your destination rather let
your destination define your association


No association leaves you the same person. It will either
leave you better or bitter.


Your speed in life is traced to who you spend time with


Stop expecting good result from wrong company

If you are not of the same feather don’t flock together (having
like mind)


Who you meet with determine what meets you


Fire will either refine you or consume you. So any
association will either refine or consume your destiny


Men of focus will help you to stay on course


Men of vision is better than men with television


If you want to fly high, identify with high fliers.


If you don’t plan for tomorrow, you will never have one.


If you associate with givers you will end up a great man