This year you will be an epitome of Gods wonder

A commander of signs and wonder

A working wonder

Nations will marvel at your rising

My greatness will be a mystery to many

My love and zeal for God will bring many to Gods kingdom

This will be my year of manifestation of promise

Money will answer to my call

Health and wealth will be my daily address

Favour will be my daily clothen

Mercy will be my daily perfume

Grace will be my daily bread

Me and mine will enjoy divine sercurity

Good things will not elude me

I will be an epistle to behold

The many colour of God will be my trade mark

Laughter will be my water

God will be at work in my life

The enemies will be subdue before me

My testimony will preach jesus gospel

My evidence result will marvel nation

I will enjoy milk and honey in its ffullness

I will be known for Glory and honour

The heaven will give you rain

The earth will produce for you

The sun moon and star will work in my favour

Angels will do my biddings

Creations will work for my goods

My dreams will come through

Season Declaration


January through March season of abundance

April through June season of overflow

July through September season of milk and honey

October through December my season of celebration


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