Gen 12:1-7,   Gen 13:14-15,   Exo 3:8

Memory verse

Deut 26:9    “And he hath brought us into this place, and he hath given us this land, even a land that floweth with milk and honey

Enjoying God as Our Milk and Honey

Milk and honey is a definition of the allotment willed to the isrealite by God out of his sovereignty. However it was not for nothing that such a rich man was given to them for an inheritance since it was aimed at shifting their focus from a self-centered living to a God-centered one. remember that like the Aaronic priesthood, the good land was a shadow of a better things to come.

now in the new testament economy of God’s administration, we do not strive towards the possession of a land located somewhere in the physical, for Abraham the old Testament symbols of our inheritance looked for a city which had foundation whose builder and maker is God. in same manner, Jesus Christ who is the object of our pursuit is that good and spacious land. He is sufficient enough to meet every need human or divine. He’s powerful enough having everything under his control. in other words, when God is involved, nothing is out of control because the earth is his and its fullness are his.

further, God is at his best when he ahs to flaunt his all-inclusive and awe-enduring dimensions not necessarily to prove a point but to disabuse our minds of any superficial operations. in what ways can we enjoy milk and honey?

  • Experience God as Light: god is light and in him there is no darkness at all (John 1:5). light symbolizes the presence of God. darknesss prevails in the absence of the presence of God. where God’s presence is absent, Satan reigns with the authority of darkness. Enjoying God as milk and Honey means enjoying God as our light.
  • Experiencing God as our Life: Mark 10:45. This life that God retains in himself is Zoe. it is the uncreated, unending, indestructible and infinite life that was imparted to us at new birth. As partakers of God as milk and Honey, we also enjoy his ever eternal life and must daily acknowledge this reality.
  • Experience God as Love: 1 John 4:16.  it is out of God’s nature of love that we enjoy life. in same manner, his rebuke, protection, jealousy and anger comes out of love so we are guided. Enjoying God’s love is being baptized into its nature.
  • Experiencing God as our Origin and our End: As our creator and saviour, He gives us our Beginning. As the object of our pursuit, he becomes our finish line, our goal, our prize and our new heaven, Heb 12:1-2,  Rev 21:1,  it is safer to seek the giver of good things than things themselves; not only does it save us from idolatry; it help us achieve the needed focus that shows we love and trust God.

Enjoying God this way instills in us the hope of a forever life time with God. it is high time we stop treating things instead of God at the end. we need to start attaching fierce importance to the person of Christ by the way we live our lives and not just by cheap speeches.

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